toomuchbling (toomuchbling) wrote,

i'm still in a complete state of shock.

omg, you guys are never going to believe who i met tonight...

FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i still can't believe it, tbh. they played at the tower theatre in upper darby, PA and the show was completely sold out. they are amazing live, completely chill and totally what you would expect from seeing them on the show. they played a couple new songs that were really good and hopefully will be on season 2. when we stayed after to meet them they didn't even take that long to come out and they were signing autographs and taking pictures with EVERYONE (it was a pretty big crowd). they were so sweet and kept talking about how nervous they were cause they hadn't performed in a while. they joked around with everyone and even though me and my friend were both being complete star-struck dorks, they were totally chill. jemaine even signed my friend's ticket with an "i love you" haha, bret is also completely adorable and i had to restrain myself from not hugging him like a crazy woman. ahhh basically, it was one of the most amazing nights ever!

for everyone who has tickets to the other shows, GET EXCITED!

oh and ps, clearly i learned my lesson the first time about posting my face on ontd, so that's the reason for the weird smiley faces.

source: me!
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