toomuchbling (toomuchbling) wrote,

guess who i met last night!

KATE NASH! who is honestly one of the sweetest people i have ever met. she played at the trocadero in chinatown on saturday and the trachtenburg family slideshow players opened for her. she put on a really good show, especially since it was the first one on her american tour. we stayed after for a while to meet her, and when she came out she was more than happy to sign autographs for everyone and take pictures. she's completely adorable and i suggest trying to meet her if you're going to one of her shows :)

anyways.. i took some pictures and videos for all the kate nash fans on here! they're not the best because we weren't toooo close, but they're definitely not bad.

the videos won't embed right now, so here are the links:

merry happy
pumpkin soup

oh and this post goes out to pinknblack06 who couldn't go :(

source: me!
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